Bitch Be Gone Detox!!

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Bitch Be Gone Detox!!

Let’s Get Rid of Negative Vibes.. Focus On Mindfulness, Health, and Self Love..

Let’s Meditate, Journal, Eat Better, and Be Active!

Detox from bad habits, eating, and relationships!

Commit to Showing Up as the Person You Imagine to Be!

Start doing things your future self will be thankful for!

Today I start my fruit fast! And making sure I’m active some type of way daily!

Dancing, walking, hula hoop!

Forcing at least 5min to meditate daily!

And working on my goals every day!

Even if it’s only one thing I must get closer to my goals!

I have my Bitch Be Gone spray ready to clear any negativity I face!

Commit to You!

Do the shadow work to elevate!